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\m/ Bel Canto \m/ So anyway, fun day in A2, even if a few things went… - The Veritable TechNinja [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Apr. 14th, 2002|03:27 pm]
The Veritable TechNinja
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[waveform |Bel Canto - All I Want to Do]

\m/ Bel Canto \m/
So anyway, fun day in A2, even if a few things went wrong. We had taken off in a hurry to get to Angelo's (the restaurant) for breakfast _again_, and they were packed. Decided to hit Tio's for lunch instead. Then began the apartment search Ridgewood is a shithole, first of all. It's small, it's poorly maintained, washer and dryer are a JOKE, it's just generally gross. Back to the drawing board, I suppose. Went to my old place, Lake in the Woods. Actually, they look like a possibility. I loved the area, even if it is a bit far from downtown anything. Other possibilities include Miller Maple Townhouses, Carleton Court in A2, and Riverrain in Ypsilanti. Anyone who lives/lived anywhere around there have suggestions? This is getting fucking frustrating. I think it might be best to search for a place with W/D hookups, and rent them ourselves. Once we got out of the whole apartment search mode, we made with the mad shoppins. We had originally decided we were going to try Harry's for a new pair of boots for P, but since she bought her last pair at a place not too far away, we headed there. Ooooops, they changed their hours, closed at 4. Fuckers. So we made a quick stop in the pet store (outside of which we were accosted by some freaky bum guy), then headed back to A2. Got the boots at Harry's, expensive as I thought. Headed to Wizzywig, where we ran in to andraen and recovry. Normally that wouldn't have been a bad thing, but we didn't exactly have the time to just lame endlessly, talking. So we headed off, stopped in at Underworld, then Pinball Pete's. You know, I really do need to polish up on my Tekken 4/Capcom vs SNK sk1llz. Vied back and forth for a bit over the possibility of getting to FunCoLand on time, finally decided it wasn't worth it. Got some Stucci's, went home.
Today, she had to work, so I'm hanging out in El Dormo until she gets off. Changed a burnt-out tail light in my car, 5 minutes in the Meijer parking lot. I had no idea that the whole tail light assembly came out with just three thumbscrews. God, my car's turning in to a Dell... I have absolutely no interest in going to work tomorrow. Going to fix nephilimnexus's computer (BTW, Von, back up any data you want to keep beforehand) on Thursday, drop off an old Sparc 10 with xyplex2 some time as well. Whee, geekage. Not much of a substitute for time with P, but it'll have to do.

i am

what microsoft OS are you?

[User Picture]From: peculiaire
2002-04-14 04:48 pm (UTC)
My $0.02 on the washer/dryer situation (from doing a bit of research myself) - it's much easier to find hook-ups than to find an apt. with the washer/dryer in there already.

Owning is cheaper than renting, esp. if you buy a used washer/dryer set.

I am really sick of going to the laundromat, but that's just my personal gripe I had to throw in. :)

Gambatte kudasai!!
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