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01. name? ArcSine, pronounced with an ArcSine 02. D.O.B.? Sept… - The Veritable TechNinja [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Veritable TechNinja

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[Mar. 28th, 2002|09:24 am]
The Veritable TechNinja

01. name? ArcSine, pronounced with an ArcSine
02. D.O.B.? Sept 13th, 1980
03. location? Fucking Adrian
04. religion? Let me get back to you
05. occupation? Network Administrator

01. hair? Short, black, pointy.
02. eyes? Brown
03. height? 5'11"
04. weight? 135

Style of...
01. clothing? A little sly subversion under the corporate jim shell
02. music? Industrial, power electronics, punk rock, shibuya-kei, new latin jazz, basically anything that's been digitally sequenced/tracked. I like syncopation, cadence, mathematical precision.
03. makeup? No.
04. bodyart? Cartilage ear, tongue, labret, sum'fin else too

Right now, what are you...
01. wearing? Blue long-sleeve shirt bleach-sprayed to look permanently rain-soaked, black slacks, my bootshoes.
02. listening to? KMFDM - Superhero
03.thinking of? Creating a mental task-list, I have to catch up
04. feeling? Fucking coffee isn't working.

Last thing you...
01. bought? KMFDM - ATTAK
02. did? Loaded WordPad to enter my answers to this thing
03. ate & drank? Still drinking my coffee, I ate a bunch of Cheez Kurls last night
04. read? Halo's answers to this thing
05. watched on tv? George Carlin on Comedy Central

Who do you want to...
01. kill? Just a little bit of everyone
02. shag? The booful lady
03. slap? Why stop there?
04. hear from? The booful lady
05. get really wasted with? No one, really.
06. tickle? The booful lady

01. food? Can't narrow it down.Too epicurean to care.
02. drink? Jager and Ginger Ale
03. color? Grey, green, blue, silver
04. album? Nice try, cocksmoker
05. shoes? My bootshoes.
06. site? LJ, maybe FT
07. dance? Break things and hurt people
08. song? See above
09. vegetable? Asparagus
10. fruit? Plums