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Frozen jackets help Olympians warm up? Sacked stripper fills her… - The Veritable TechNinja [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Apr. 22nd, 2002|02:27 pm]
The Veritable TechNinja
[status |hella keen]
[waveform |Fish Go Deep - Could Have Been Part Two]

Frozen jackets help Olympians warm up?

Sacked stripper fills her old joint with tuna, hoses it with pepper spray

Newfound 17th-century book could uncover historical "oversight"

Two million miles and still running

Man catches 12-foot giant squid, tries to eat it

35,600,000,000 mathematical functions per second. Blows away Lawrence Livermore's ASCI.

Drug smugglers tunneled under DEA headquarters property


Selectively reflecting fabrics

Luck sure is fickle, but I'm on the upturn. My weekend was frabjuous, much fun was had. Shaky at first, but that was eclipsed pretty quickly. Went to Apartment Search, they slapped me upside the head with the reason stick. Every time I move, I freak out over what info I can glean from the rental sites, finally end up going to Apartment Search as a last resort. Every time they've plopped the best option in my lap for me. Hunt Club it is. It's absolutely everything I'm looking for, including the damn washer and dryer. What's funny is that, as it turns out, their one-bedrooms have a "den" that's big enough for the dedicated g33k room I'm used to. 11x8 isn't exactly big enough for a full size bed and my dresser, but it's fine for two computer desks. Stick the cablemodem/router/switch in a makeshift rack in the closet, I'm done. Found some resident reviews, most have only good things to say. Only two worries: the bug problem mentioned in one of them, and the fact that it's pretty close to I-94. I guess I'll find out the answers to both when P and I go down there this Saturday at 2.
In other news, the concert on Saturday was a joke. Salome's Wish was run-of-the-mill incoherent wailing chick and watery guitars. Then came Bozo Porno Circus. I can agree with all three. They're absolutely comedic to behold. There's some kind of fetish/magic show going on behind the band while they perform, including a poorly-staged fake fisting, complete with melodramatic facial expressions. Their music was basically trying to cash in on Manson. P and I spent the entire set laughing at them. "Hey lady, where'd your pants go?" Then came what we paid for, Bella Morte. Seems like they broke their wrists dancing around too much. At the last concert, they put on a decent punk show. This time around, they went somewhere between wailing, Projekt-y stuff and synthpoop. Two songs were pretty cool, the rest weren't worth the time. The lead singer put on a pretty good show, though.
The good part happened just before Bella Morte went on. Chris and Abi from Goth Oddesy were there, P and I went up to say hi. Nonchalantly, I offered to do a guest night. Chris jumped on it, looks like May 7th. Going to revisit the Healthy Disdain for Modern Culture flavor, olschool EBM. The Lansing crowd seems older than LCC's fare, so they should actually remember it all. Very cool. Formal post to follow.
Went up to LCC near the end, trying to cut our losses for the night. No luck. Pretty boring overall. Talked with Dr Zero rather briefly, in the hopes that my good luck might land me a guest spot there, too. Basically, his clout is limited, and I would have to talk to Ron or the manager lady. I don't think either would care too much to hire a DJ known for playing music people _haven't_ heard before. Oh well, I think the Lab and Spiral are more than enough.
Sunday was a great, lazy day together. We had our traditional ghetto picnic in my place, Mac and Cheese by candlelight. Played some Tekken, headed back to her place for exam studying. Not much had to be done, so extensive sillyness and conversation took it's place. The time I spend with her is priceless, she's better to me than anyone has ever been. We have quite a future to look forward to.

From: andraen
2002-04-22 01:11 pm (UTC)
If that is the place I'm thinking it is, be careful where you park your car -- even if you have to walk a bit, try and stay away from the highway. . . there was a large apartment complex off of 94 that I was going to buy a car from, and the girl lived just about on the highway, and the car got stolen. :/
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[User Picture]From: recovry
2002-04-22 04:22 pm (UTC)
D00d! May 7th? at the Labyrinth, right? If so, I'm there. would you mind if I met up with you and just followed you there? I forget how to get to the Lab.
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