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When ants attack! Woman bites husband to death for not boinking… - The Veritable TechNinja [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Veritable TechNinja

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[Oct. 21st, 2002|01:00 pm]
The Veritable TechNinja
[status |sick of getting wrong # calls]
[waveform |Groove Armada - M 2 Many]

When ants attack!

Woman bites husband to death for not boinking her

Why I enjoy not being famous

No antigravity for us

Nor free energy

Nor magnetic healing

But, like other things, that doesn't mean you can't sell it to stupid people

Mannequin extends proposal

Right now, science is building a better cup of tea

Gas company worker pees on delinquent's baseball card collection

Unemployed IT geek convinces grandmother to grow his weed in the back yard

Party wasn't what I thought it would be, but it worked out to some extent. I was bummed that gingersnapp couldn't make it, but was sticking to the date in hopes of still having positive turnout. Found out ipso facto that katester had sent me an email that nameplanet subsequently lost, which probably would have swayed me to reschedule. D'oh, sorry folks. sirwilhelm1 came, bringing the lovely but quiet marygirl along. The rest, well, hope you had fun, or sorry you got stuck with whatever. We had much fun, in the form of much foodstuffs and Tekken action, not to mention tasty beverage. Of all three I indulged thoroughly, which resulted in few leftovers and the absolute assurance that nobody would like to see my bungholio. The most excellent chemicaljen helped in all aspects, not to mention provided intellectual conversation and mirth in sour times. Next time, I stay a tad more sober, and we invite a lot more people.