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Quotes that further the cause of educational television: Edition 1… - The Veritable TechNinja [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Veritable TechNinja

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[Dec. 3rd, 2002|09:57 pm]
The Veritable TechNinja
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Quotes that further the cause of educational television: Edition 1
David Eddie - "I have the desire somewhere deep in my DNA to go out in the morning and return with something, a bloody carcass or such. Or at least something fuzzy and dead on the end of a pointy stick."

[User Picture]From: crytikalmass
2002-12-03 08:27 pm (UTC)

bows down in supplication...

Ohh, wonderous kevin, this mere motal seeks your guidance. Have you in your quest for techy godlyness found or had to use and good books of information pertaining to server tech stuffs. Since i am juts a lowly newbi i ask that it be basic please. Any help would be apraciated, and if this made no sence ask the nice jen lady to clarify, she knows what the hell i speak of. danke
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[User Picture]From: arcsine
2002-12-04 08:12 am (UTC)

Re: bows down in supplication...

Arise, Sir Forrest! Check out the Sybex Server+ cert guide, and the Server+ and I-Net+ For Dummies books, they're your best bet. Read those, pay about $400 to Sylvan Prometric, take the certification test, then get yourself a $40k Sysadmin job. Cheaper, easier, faster, and more effective than a CS degree.
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[User Picture]From: crytikalmass
2002-12-04 12:45 pm (UTC)

Re: bows down in supplication...

Thank you oh kind sir, and since i am no longer a member of the CS majors this will do nicly. Also, if you ever happen to log on to AIM my new screen name is Statik Variation. Danke once again.
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