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Shelving is up! Bedroom set is about to be sold! Old place is more… - The Veritable TechNinja [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Veritable TechNinja

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[Sep. 28th, 2005|06:30 pm]
The Veritable TechNinja
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Shelving is up! Bedroom set is about to be sold! Old place is more than half painted! Yay for stuff!

Shelving was a lot easier than I had originally thought, the math to figure out where to put the brackets was the only hard part. 70" rails, 5 shelves, bracket holes every 1.25". Of course, the rail isn't completely flush with the cieling, and you have to allot for the space for stuff on the highest shelf to fit on, so I ended up with putting them at 9 holes, 9 holes, 10 holes, 9 holes, and 9 holes up. If you allot for the thickness of the shelf itself, that gave me three 11" shelves, one 12 1/2" shelf in the middle, and one top shelf that's about 16" from the cieling. It also left the bottom shelf just a little too high for the cats to easily jump on to. Of course, 12" figures are almost never twelve inches tall, so my FFX figures are just barely too tall to not fit on the middle shelf. Ahh well, at least I didn't hit a 120v line or miss the stud completely.

[User Picture]From: baobh
2005-09-28 11:29 pm (UTC)
Having nothing to do with your post, but...

Your icon creeps me out for some reason that I can't quite put a finger on.

Hearty Lumberjack looking guy with his strong jaw....something seems wrong here!

He also seems unnervingly similar to David Hasselhoff.

*fixates on your icon for a little while*
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[User Picture]From: arcsine
2005-09-28 11:56 pm (UTC)
He's the revised Brawny Man. Have you seen the uber-creepy commerical with this guy making a cake, the one where he wipes the dog's nose and the announcer goes "how that's a bad little boy"? Now _that's_ terrifying.
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[User Picture]From: baobh
2005-09-29 12:01 am (UTC)
You know, that thought flickered through my mind, that it might be the Brawny guy.

So much wrong. So very much wrong.

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From: meta_x
2005-09-29 04:12 am (UTC)
You can watch that ad from here, titled "Role Reversal." Very creepy.
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[User Picture]From: terminal_zero
2005-09-29 12:02 am (UTC)
MMM Is that Mr. Brawny???
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From: meta_x
2005-09-29 04:13 am (UTC)
I think the old Mr. Brawny was more of a bear than the new one.
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