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Overslept this morning, woke up about 10 minutes after 2, when I… - The Veritable TechNinja [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Veritable TechNinja

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[Sep. 1st, 2001|09:26 pm]
The Veritable TechNinja
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Overslept this morning, woke up about 10 minutes after 2, when I should have been in the Border's cafe waiting to meet up with Adam. Changed shirts and my answering machine message (to the effect of "Agh, I'm sorry I overslept, I'm on my way, don't leave Borders!"), and leapt out the door. He had heard the message, he didn't get there until 2:40 himself. We wandered aimlessly around Ann Arbor, just as we'd planned. We're both the kind of person who makes plans to be impulsive. Went to the Japanese grocery, I picked up a big-ass box of zaru soba and a bottle of stock for them. We then decided to go next door to get some quick sushi from the bar. No luck, they were closed. So we went to Miki instead. Overpriced, and by the time we got there Godaiko (the place next to the grocery) would have been open, but neither of us cared. I finally found a solution to this couch thing while I was up there, too. A place called Instant Furniture sells used stuff for supercheap, and it's actually been cleaned up and repaired, so it's not just someone else's junk. I don't really care if it matches my "decor" at this point, I'm just worried that my futon's going to fall apart.
Then there was the drive home. I'd like to share a train of thought with you. I compulsively started to suck on my lower lip because I was thirsty. It brought to mind those tender, prefect kisses on that lazy Saturday I spent with Preeti. But of course, the gears in my mind ever turning mysteriously, I began to notice the texture of the flesh under my lip, kind of nodular and soft. I began to ponder my mortality, my physical composition. We're all wet machines. I remembered the conversation about the theology of life after death that Adam and I had in the restaurant. I'll worry about it when I die, my dogma on spiritualism. I'm here to learn now, I'll be better prepared for whatever lies ahead if I work on myself as I am now.