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::(Name):: ArcSine ::(Age):: 21 ::(Birthday):: September 13th, 1980… - The Veritable TechNinja [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Veritable TechNinja

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[Feb. 1st, 2002|10:47 am]
The Veritable TechNinja
::(Name):: ArcSine
::(Age):: 21
::(Birthday):: September 13th, 1980
::(Height):: 5'11"
::(Weight):: 130 lbs
::(hair color):: Black
::(eye color):: Brown
::(occupation):: Network Administrator
::(Nick name):: Ki-ee! (ala Monsters, Inc)
::(Single/taken?):: Betrothed
::(piercings or tats?):: Tongue, labret, cartilage ear, still-healing nipple taken out due to fuck-up on the piercer's part (went thru muscle lining, consequently it never healed, too prone to infection), apadravya
::(place you got your piercing/tat done if any):: Ear by Mike at Excalibur, tongue and labret in one sitting by Jason at Miami Moon (I miss Jason...), fucked up nipple by Mike at Lion's Den in MN, Apadravya by Angel at Rings of Desire, NOLA
::(Your best feature):: I have no idea, P. says it's my understated upper body strength
::(web site):: As linked above, not updated for more than a year
::(e-mail/screen name):: get(at)bent(dot)tc, djarcsine


::(Music Style):: Industrial, powernoise, etherbliss, new Latin jazz, Shibuya-Kei, breakbeat, illbient, leftfield, and so on
::(Play an instrument?what?):: Damn, I wish I had a Triton...
::(In a band?):: Apolyanna, a long time ago, some minor projects as ArcSine and Fernschreiber since
::(favorite band):: I can't narrow it down any more, but it used to be Haujobb
:(last song you heard):: Lali Puna - Together in Electric Dreams
::(what did that song mean to you?):: It's a memento of a perfect dream I had one night
::(how did it make you feel?):: Lonely

||::Music moods::||

::(when you are pissed you listen to:):: Muted Logic, Klangstabil, Birmingham 6... If absolutely fuming on the point of mass violent breakdown, then Psychopomps or Neu Anfang
::(depressed):: It really depends on why I'm depressed, and if I'm not depressed enough to want to do something about it
::(calm):: Herrmann & Kleine, Lali Puna, many others come to mind
::(hyper):: Egad... Too many to list. Empirion and KMFDM come to mind
::(feeling psychotic):: Pepe Deluxe, Fantastic Plastic Machine, Pizzicato Five
::(hateful):: See absolutely fuming.
::(wanting to dance):: Razed in Black, Doll Factory, Haujobb


::(best looking fem):: Er... Uh... kaRIN from Collide?
::(best looking man):: Christ, I dunno... Maybe Da5id Din?
::(best fem singer):: Anneli Drecker
::(best male singer):: J. Englishman, Ernst Horn from Deine Lakaien
::(best song writer):: Daniel Meier, Volker from Beefcake
::(best bassist/guitarist):: I don't usually listen to analog-heavy bands enough to have a favorite bassist
::(best drummer):: See songwriter
::(best performance in concert):: Haujobb, Covenant, I'm hoping MSI will be interesting


::(what do you want to be 10 years from now):: Complete
::(how would you like to die):: Without too much delay
::(are you an organ donor?):: Never filled out my license, but I probably should
::(do you believe in reincarnation?):: No.
::(do you believe in past lives?):: WTF? Same question.
::(Do you believe in heaven or hell?):: Nope.
::(do you pray?):: Sometimes, more like wish
::(have you ever taken pictures/played in a cemetery?):: ...Okay, I did in high school... Dammit.
::(are you prejudice against dead people?):: Er, no...
::(do you often go to a cemetery to relax?):: Not any more.


::(what's your favorite Livejournal community?):: Only subscribe to two, not particularly fond of either
::(do you have a Livejournal community?):: No.
::(look up to):: nobody
::(think is beautiful):: My booful lady
::(depressing):: intermezzonine's old journal, twizedkitty's as of late, a couple of others for personal reasons
::(awesome):: richmackin, alceria's sometimes, gabey's photography and poetry
::(is a good writer):: Alceria, gabey, peculiare, sirwilhelm1, xweaknessx in places
::(is funny):: Katester. Flat out funny as hell.
::(is annoying):: No one, overall.
::(needs help):: Neitherday, opium
::(you wish lived closer):: Cath
::(you've dated):: jadeyfish, xweaknessx
::[ You have a crush on):: None.
::(has a crush on you(or you think)):: Nobody.
::(you look forward to reading everyday):: Xweaknessx, gabey, katester, sirwilhelm1, richmackin
::(made you cry in either sense of happiness or sadness):: Xweaknessx.