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obligatory survey goodness - The Veritable TechNinja [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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obligatory survey goodness [Jun. 3rd, 2001|05:56 pm]
The Veritable TechNinja
[status |displeased]
[waveform |Winterklte - Global Deforestation]

Age: 20
Gender: male
Straight/Gay/Bi: straight
Married/Single: detestably single
Age You Lost It: 14
How Many Victims: 8
How Long It's Been: Cripes... Let me get back to you on that one... Something like a month and a half
What You're Wearing Right Now?: Black long-sleeved henley and a pair of slacks. That's absolutely it. Sunday is cool.
Body Part You're Touching Right Now: My keyboard might as well be a body part at this point

Have you OR Would you?

Anal? Yeah, but it's too much of a pain in the ass ;)
Swallow? I've swallowed bodily fluids, but not what this question intends
69? Hell yes, on my dining room table
Phone Sex? Once, ages ago.
Cyber Sex? Not in a while either
Spank(ed)? My new mission is to whack a girl in the ass with an oar.
Whip(ped)? Uh-huh
Blindfolded? Indeed
Tied Up? Most assuredly
Candle Wax? Been there, done that
Nipple Clamps? Weights on piercing jewelery, but not actual clamps
Fuck Bill Clinton? Hey, he fucked us pretty badly...
Cigars? As a turn on, yes. As a phallus, no.
Groupie? I think this means group sex. No. Hell no.
Voyeurism? Never had the chance
Threesome? Doesn't sound right to me
Suffered the suction effect when having sex in a pool? *sch-THURNK* Yes indeedy.
Been caught masturbating? Er... Um... Yup.
Been caught masturbating in public? No.
Had sex in front of people without them ever knowing it? Seen it happen, doesn't look fun.
Farted during 69? Good lord no.
Paid for sex? I've been in relationships that equated to it, but no, not for the act in and of itself.
Would you pay X-Warlock for sex? No.
Fuck drunk? Damn straight
Fuck a complete stranger? They usually become complete strangers after we fuck.
Fuck a truck driver? Sure, if she was pretty, young, and not grimy

The Essay Section: [so my answers aren't in essay form, shoot me.]

Most embarrassing - E.D. due to total exhaustion
Scariest - Person or experience? The time my ex Nic met me at the door after work in a schoolgirl outfit and played the part, begging me for sex. That was ill.
Fetishes - Saran wrap, oil massages, tantric sex

Short Answers:

What's the longest you've ever gone without sex (not including the time up until you lost it)? maybe a month? I think something like six months.
Would you rather fuck or make love? Make love, but I'll take what I can get.
Do you enjoy foreplay? Yes, until it's served it's purpose
What's your favorite thing about sex? The reassurance I'm useful
Was your first time memorable? I'd rather forget it entirely.
What's the strangest item you have ever used as a sex toy? A moose call. Don't ask.

In other news, car is still fucked up, but not as bad. Dropped $50 more in to getting the trans filter replaced, but it's still acting up on me, mostly when I stand on the throttle. I'm going to have the engineers look in to it tomorrow. Fuck all, I hate this, I'm never buying another automatic again. I want a nice Silvia Spec R Aero.