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The Veritable TechNinja
13 September 1980
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Names are lies, faces facades, and personae only constructs of a mind faced with the uncertainty of it's own nature as juxtaposed to it's peers.

In other words, it's just the internet, people.
0\\'nz0r1ng j00r b0x0rz, 2-channel, 2d fighters, 3d fighters, 48v dc pdus, 50-amp 220v circuits, 802.3ab, 802.3ad, 93, a'a', action figures, aim for the head, anime, anime cels, arcam, asian cooking, august derleth, bandwidth, being a corporate slave, being a sillybot, being root, binzuru, bod mod, breaking stuff, brian lumley, cave trolls, charles fort, cisco, clever alternatives to working, coffee flavored coffee, corel, datacenters, deep research, defying the mind, disgaea, dlp, dtm, dynaudio, ebm, electrostatic speakers, emperor norton records, ethernet, ethnic cooking, fixing stuff, flammable liquor, funky breaks, hands records, hardware reliability testing, hayao miyazaki, hi-fi, home theater, hp lovecraft, industrial music, invader zim, iron chef, judo, laughing at stupid people, literature, lovecraft, malignant, martin logan, masami taraoka, multi-exabyte storage, mythbusters, nas arrays, nis america, noise, noiseplus, obscure trivia, patrick nagel, pci-x, penny arcade, photography, pixel manipulation, pre-1996 anime, profiting from stupid people, ps2, pvr design, rane, reconstriction records, retrogaming, rocking out, rotel, runco, secure filesystems, self-awareness, self-improvement, serial-ata raid5, servers, shibuya-kei, sleep deprivation, sociology, soldering (poorly), squaresoft, storybook love, strategy rpgs, studio ghibli, subaru, systems administration, tactical rpgs, terascale smp, theosophy, things that go beep, touring cars, unnatural history, weird liquor, wide-format printing, william gibson, wrc, xlo electric, yoshitaka amano,